For over 40 years, Brunswick Family Assistance (BFA) has worked hard to aid those who live in famish and poverty within our county. Our outstanding record of serving families in need in our community is made possible through our community partners’ selfless and dedicated efforts.

         Kristin Eaddy, Brunswick County School District Teacher of the Year, generously organized a food drive in the Brunswick County School district to help fill BFA’s food pantry. Eaddy leads a group called the Teacher Advisory Council, which consists of BCS’s Teachers of the Year from all 20 schools in the district. “We work on behalf of the teachers in the district to be their voice, and each year, we set goals that we want to achieve. This year, our first goal was to become more visible in our community,” Eaddy explains.

      Eaddy, along with 13 other members of the Teacher Advisory Council, hosted a food drive at each one of their schools from November 28th-December 9th. Belville Elementary, Bolivia Elementary, Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, Town Creek Elementary, Southport Elementary, Supply Elementary, Union Elementary, Virginia Williamson Elementary, Cedar Grove Middle School, Leland Middle School, Early College High School, The COAST, & Shallotte Middle School were participating schools in the Teacher Advisory Council food drive. Besides collecting food, Shallotte Middle School hosted a Turkey Trot, allowing an extra $800 to be donated towards food.

Larry Smith, the head of the BCS Operations Department, generously picked up the donations from each school and delivered them to BFA’s pantry. Overall, the 13 schools were able to collect 7 tons of food! Here at BFA, we could not be more grateful for such a massive donation, as it has greatly impacted our organization and clients.

      The Teacher Advisory Council “wanted to do something that would benefit students and families in the area they serve,” Eaddy said. Indeed, the Teacher Advisory Council achieved its goal. With this contribution, BFA can now serve more than 650 families with enough food for an entire week in Brunswick County! BFA cannot thank Eaddy, the Teacher Advisory Council, the students, and their families enough. Our supporters are the reason we can make any difference at all.