Apply For Assistance

BFA EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE depends on applicant eligibility AND the availability of funds the day of your application.

Assistance We Provide

Emergency Food

Emergency Prescription Assistance for Life-Sustaining Medications Only

Emergency Rent

Emergency Utility Assistance

See ITEMS 1-7 below for application guidelines and also read guidelines for each type of assistance.

BFA DOES NOT have funding for these or other requests not listed above:
  • To provide gasoline vouchers
  • Pay to rent equipment such as moving trucks or trailers
  • Deposits of all kinds


Use this form to contact us! Note: You must leave a name and telephone number in order for us to be able to respond.  This is not an application.  If you are not contacted within 2 days please call 910-754-4766.

Apply for Assistance


  1. Bring proof of your identity and current address. BFA will accept one of the following:
    1. Current NC driver’s license with your current address on it
      b. NC issued photo identification card with your current address on it
    2. Your legal immigrant documentation
  2. Bring your Social Security Card. This does not take the place of your photo ID, but you still must present this at each visit to verify your client file.
  3. Bring Social Security cards for all members of your household
  4. If you have children under age 18, also bring their birth certificates
  5. Bring PROOF of ALL household income (bank statements, check stubs, copies of checks, award letters, or denial of benefits letters.)
  6. Bring PROOF that you have applied for FNS (food stamps) — bring the award letter or the denial letter.
  7. Bring PROOF of all household expenses (receipts, invoices, bills)


FOOD PANTRY:  We provide emergency food to eligible individuals and families. [SEE ITEMS 1-7 ABOVE “TO APPLY FOR EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE”].
  • Eligible applicants may access the food pantry services 6 times per year with at least 30 days between visits. (Note: Up to twice per month during pandemic operating procedures.)
  • We try to provide enough emergency food to feed the family for 3 to 4 days.
  • The types of food we can provide depends on what is donated to our food pantry.
  • Meat is available  only when someone donates it to BFA.  We do not know when or how much meat may be donated.
  • Restrictions apply related to dates of applicants’ access to other pantries and FNS benefits.


  • Bring  the utility final shut-off notice or the power-stat print-out dated the day you come to BFA to apply for assistance.
  • We do not pay past-due heating fuel bills.  If you use propane, call your supplier before you visit BFA and find out if they will deliver propane to you.
  • Applicants are asked to pay half of the amount they request for any financial assistance.
  • BFA will try to match what the applicant pays up to an amount that will be determined based on available funds.
  • For rent assistance, bring an eviction notice.
  • For prescription assistance, bring a print-out from WAL-MART that shows the prices of the medications.  BFA helps only with life-sustaining medications.
Funding for emergency assistance comes from the Emergency Food and Shelter Program, BEMC Warm Homes Warm Hearts Program, and through the collaboration with churches in Brunswick County.
When assistance is approved, payments are made directly to the providers.  


BFA accepts donations of school supplies and baby care items to distribute to families in need.  Please call or use our contact form to arrange donations.

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