The Cotters are recognized at BFA’s annual volunteer appreciation breakfast. L to R: BFA Program Manager G Jackson, Kevin Cotter, Maureen Cotter, BFA Executive Director Stephanie Bowen.

Volunteers of the Year: Kevin and Maureen Cotter
Kevin and Maureen Cotter have been volunteering with BFA for over 9 years and work tirelessly in our food pantry as well as our offsite storage facility restocking the pantry on a weekly basis. They always come out to help with quarterly commodities distributions and work full time hours during December to help us get ready for our Christmas Distribution. We could not stay true to our mission without dedicated volunteers like the Cotters and we value and appreciate all of their hard work and dedication!

Tickets On Sale Now!

You have been cordially invited to attend a Night of Magic with the famous magician, Nathan Coe Marsh! This thrilling event is being organized by The Winding River BFA Interest Group to raise funds for BFA. We would be honored if you could join us in supporting our cause.

Sunday February 25, 2024

Starts at 7:00pm Doors open at 6:00pm

For Ticket Sale Questions: 516-375-7057