Brunswick Family Assistance participates in philanthropy program to maximize impact in community

Brunswick Family Assistance is one of 30 crisis assistance agencies in North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida that have or will be successfully participating in a Duke Energy  philanthropy program aimed at supporting agency operations by reducing costs and offering supporting services.

To implement the program, Duke Energy collaborated with Restore Global, a worldwide organization that helps nonprofits maximize their impact.

Duke Energy’s $82,000 investment allowed Restore Global to provide direct benefits to help these organizations better serve customers.

Agencies can take advantage of their Access to Excess program, which sources equipment at free or reduced prices. Brunswick Family Assistance and other participating organizations also received one-on-one management consulting and operational performance review to promote efficiency and effectiveness.

“As a nonprofit it is often difficult to find the funding to acquire the tools necessary to ensure the successful delivery of our mission,” said Stephanie Bowen, executive director of Brunswick Family Assistance. “We are so grateful to Duke Energy for their partnership and support. Partnerships like this help to further our mission and continue to provide critical services to those in need in our community. Thank you, Duke Energy!”

The ongoing financial hardship many are facing has increased the number of families Brunswick Family Assistance serves each month. An important program goal was to make it easier for the agencies to focus on their clients by reducing the stress of limited resources.

“As Duke Energy looks for ways to assist our customers, we recognize that providing back-office assistance for crisis agencies like Brunswick Family Assistance can make a big difference for not only the agency but the clients they serve,” said Pam Hardy, Duke Energy District Manager.


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