For Immediate Release

Affordable Housing Survey to be conducted in Brunswick County

      (September 1st, 2006) Recently, BFA received a grant from UNCW and the Office of Community Engagement to conduct an affordable housing survey. Dr. Kristen DeVall and Dr. Christina Lanier (Co-Directors, UNCW Social Science and Applied Research Center) will be conducting the survey in partnership with BFA.

      A crucial step in identifying solutions to housing affordability is to gather information from community residents regarding their perception of this topic so that community leaders have a complete picture when making decisions and developing a course of action.

      The overall objective of this project is to examine various aspects of housing affordability in Brunswick County. This will help to:

  • Develop an understanding of community members’ perceptions and attitudes regarding housing affordability.
  • Identify supported solutions to increase access to affordable housing within Brunswick County.
  • Increase knowledge among Brunswick County leaders regarding the issue of affordable housing.

      The project will be conducted September 1st thru October 13, 2016 and it can be taken by going on-line here:

      If you have any questions or would like paper copies of the survey please contact Olivia Dorsey, Program Manager – Brunswick Family Assistance (910) 754-4766.