South Brunswick High School SBHS CougarI am pleased to write this letter for the primary purpose(s) of thanking you and the wonderful young men and women from the South Brunswick High School Occupational Course of study, for your participation in the quarterly Brunswick Family Assistance (BFA) county-wide food distribution.

I could begin and end this letter by simply stating…we could not provide this service, to deserving citizens in this county, without the assistance of your team. But this would miss the fact that these young people dispatch their assignments with gusto and pride and interact with clients and other volunteers with respect and courtesy. You may have missed the applause the BFA volunteers gave to the kids when they arrived at the Brunswick Beacon building to start their work…Amazing!

As you know, the program in which your students participate is the US Department of Agriculture, excess food (“commodities”), called The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP). BFA conducts these distributions once per quarter. During 2015, we distributed (with YOUR HELP), 91,000 pounds of food to 3,484 households and 7,760 individuals. Our most recent distribution, held Thursday May 12, was the largest in our history both in terms of food distributed and clients served. While our final statistics have not been tabulated we expect to have served over 1,100 families and approximately 2,500 individuals. I will provide you a quote from Ms. Jan Holt, Field Representative, and North Carolina Department of Agriculture…..”I would like to express my sincere appreciation for all the planning and hard work that…..all the other volunteers did to make the TEFAP distribution a success…..64,996 individual food items were hand packed into boxes, bags, carts and cars!”

I also acknowledge the great support your students gave to BFA on Weds, May 11 th (the day preceding the actual distribution) in helping organize all the food and doing the packaging of these food items for distribution…OUTSTANDING.

On behalf of Brunswick Family Assistance (our Board, employees, and volunteers) and most assuredly the citizens of Brunswick County…..THANK YOU.


Fred C. Stephens

Executive Director

Brunswick Family Assistance Agency