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Thank you to, The Brunswick Beacon, the City of Shallotte (police and services), the Sheriff’s office (and Volunteers) and most importantly the many volunteers who assisted Brunswick Family Assistance (BFA) in our food distribution program on Thursday, May 12th . Included in this group of volunteers are the approximately 30 students from the South Brunswick High School Occupational study program. BFA is the designate agency to manage the US Department of Agriculture (and NC Department of Agriculture) quarterly distribution of excess food (referred to as “Commodities”) through The Temporary Emergency Food and Assistance Program (TEFAP). On Wednesday, May 11th (preparation day) and Thursday, May 12th (distribution day), volunteers made possible the largest distribution in our history (64,996 individual food items), were hand packed into boxes, bags, carts and cars. While we do not have a final count of the number of citizens served, we anticipate the number to approach over 1,100 families and 2,500 individuals. While some recipients had their issues, we appreciated the patience and gratitude displayed by the great majority of folks.

Fred C. Stephens, Executive Director

Stephanie Bowen, Program Manager